LEVERAGe Beacon Technology

The cutting-edge automation capabilities of Beacon technology can take the legwork out of creating & executing an engagement strategy that goes full-circle & sets your business apart from competitors.

what you need to know

  • What's a Beacon?
    • Small device (pictured above) that uses low-energy Bluetooth transmission to broadcast a unique signal for your business & communicate with customers' smartphones
  • What can it do for my business?
    • Allows you to send customized notifications to welcome guests & influence buying habits
    • Helps you collect extremely valuable customer data -- like their exact location within your venue (e.g. drive-thru vs. dining area)
  • How does it integrate with Stealz? 
    • Helps us verify that a customer has entered your business & is ready to earn points
    • Completely monitored/maintained by Stealz & hands-off for your business (e.g. no POS integration necessary, etc.)

personalize every visit

Customizable Beacon notifications give your businesses a way to immediately, automatically welcome customers when they walk through the door โ€“ all on their smartphone, via Stealz.

With multiple beacons, you can deliver different messages to different guests, depending on their location within your business. Because every good marketer knows relevant content is key when it comes to convincing a consumer.

Use local Beacon notifications to encourage behavioral buying habits through the Stealz app. Effortlessly promote new products, upcoming events, or exclusive specials -- and deliver it to customers right in the palm of their hand.