5 Ways Stealz Can Help Your Brand Win at Mobile Strategy

…Even If You Already Have Your Own App.

If you own a restaurant or business that’s similarly rooted in customer experience (e.g. gym, salon, retail, etc.), at one point or another you’ve probably found yourself contemplating the following question: “Does my business need its own mobile app?” The growing sentiment amongst industry experts & respective market trends seems to be get on board or get left behind.

If you’ve already taken the leap & built or outsourced development of a customized,branded mobile app for your business, good for you! If you haven’t, don’t panic. Here’s why:

Most restaurants & similar business types have a lot of the same goals when they look to build/implement a branded mobile app:

  • Offer added convenience for guests
  • Encourage repeat visits & reduce time between them
  • Get valuable customer data
  • Increase business during off-hours
  • Optimize efficiency during peak hours

If these sound familiar — whether you’ve got an app that achieves these goals or not — you’re on the right track. A recent study conducted by RetailMeNot shows that 1 in 4 consumers currently have at least 1 restaurant-specific mobile app on their smartphone. With that being said, there’s a large subset of the population that’s less inclined to have an app for every business they frequent, likely due to a lack of coveted storage on their smartphone.

You may be looking for other ways to get those consumers involved… Here are 5 reasons that Stealz can serve as a a top-notch supplement to your branded app, or maybe even save you from having to build one altogether:


1. Stealz won’t break the bank.

If your business has its own app, you’re probably feeling (and maybe resenting) the financial impact of investing in technology & digital experience… it’s not an easy decision but we applaud you for doing so!

That’s why ‘budget-conscious’ is our middle name. Using the Stealz platform (having your business displayed on the Stealz mobile app & getting access to your very own Business Dashboard) will only run you$100/month. No contract, no cancellation fees, no catch.



2. The more (diversified) value, the better.

We do our best to make sure that Stealz won’t compete with your own branded app. Rather, we almost always find that different aspects of each will appeal to different types of guests.

Lots of app developers & white-label app providers are creating solid, effective products, but one that’s relatively standardized within the industry. If you have your own app, or are thinking about building one, it likely includes some combination of the following features:

  • Menu / Offerings
  • Mobile Ordering (Pick-up or Delivery)
  • Mobile Payment
  • Reservations / Skip the Line
  • Loyalty Program

These are all really valuable components & certainly important to offer to customers when striving to achieve those goals mentioned earlier. However, your app might be missing the ability to:

  • Create Brand Ambassadors (via incentivized C2C marketing)
  • Collect Actionable Customer Feedback
  • Grow Your Social Media Following

These are all areas where Stealz comes in. The app simply enhances your mobile strategy without compromising what you may already have in place.


3. Get an edge on your competition with Beacon technology.

Stealz has a long-standing relationship with Estimote, one of the largest Beacon providers in the market. We’ve spent the last 3 years developing & perfecting the dynamic ways in which our technology integrates with Beacons.

Our beacon-driven strategy for winning the ‘engagement game’ is one of the most advanced in the market. The beacon-powered capabilities of Stealz span, but aren’t limited to: deploying customized welcome & reminder messages to influence user behavior, tracking customer dwell time & micro-locating a user within a venue.


4. You can never know your customer too well.

Your app likely includes some functionality that allows you to get to know your guests, but you may not always be able to drill down to better understand a singular customer, or even act on that data. If you’re not currently using mobile at all, tracking this data can be near impossible.

Stealz allows you to better understand who each customer is, what their buying habits look like, how they feel about your business & more. More importantly, we give you a direct avenue (email, push, social media) to reach out to them about a past visit, or to encourage a future one.


5. At the end of the day, your brand is always the star.

We know — keeping up with everything (your existing app, your marketing strategy, your social media pages, and so on) is a challenge as it is. So, you may be feeling hesitant to add another channel for engaging with guests, understanding their behavior, rewarding their patronage, etc.

Have no fear. We’re uber-conscious of mixed-messages and do our best to make sure we’re not sending any. For that reason, all Stealz in-store marketing materials are co-branded, with your brand & your products as the primary focus. Likewise, all rewards/offerings/messaging comes directly from you, and are expressed in your voice & your voice only!


Sold on Stealz? Give us a shot & we’ll give you a free trial. Contact haley.rafols@getstealz.com to learn more today.


Stealz is a social media engagement tool that turns a business’s customers into brand ambassadors. Our free mobile app allows consumers to get rewarded at local businesses. The Stealz app is coupled with a corresponding SaaS platform (Business Dashboard) where business owners can access valuable, actionable data about guest activity.

For more information about the Stealz platform, check out www.getstealz.com or email haley.rafols@getstealz.com for a personalized tutorial of how Stealz can help you take your brand’s mobile strategy to the next level.