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Success Stories

McDonald’s - Julie Barberio (Corporate East Division, Communications Supervisor)

"What I love the most is just how easy it is to get the customer saying positive things on social media."

Al’s Burger Shack - Al Bowers (Owner)

"Stealz allows our guests to bring you their experience... it’s a way to advertise your business INSTANTLY! Who doesn’t want that?"

Ruckus Pizza & Pasta - Ryan Pilz (Director of Marketing)

"The vast majority of social media posts about Ruckus are generated by Stealz. That’s customer-to-customer marketing, the best kind of marketing there is."

McDonald’s - Christine Nevant (Owner/Operator)

"They helped me tap into that market that we really didn't have. Not only did we break the Opening Day Sales record, but we broke it by almost 10%."

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