get valuable feedback direct from your customers

Stealz provides the informed, strategic guidance & cutting-edge technology you need to turn customer feedback into actionable insights


our competitive advantage

  • Utilizing Beacon technology allows us to collect extensive customer data & build robust profiles for each user, painting a clearer picture about their personal perspective. 
  • Our mobile approach provides a highly efficient survey experience for the customer (average time-to-complete: 75 seconds).
  • Intelligent proximity-based notifications prompt & remind customers to leave feedback.
  • Reactive question branching prioritizes the most relevant questions for each customer.
  • Intuitive fraud prevention eliminates customer & staff misuse.
  • Real-time automated feedback alerts let your management team know when a customer reports a negative experience, aiding in customer rescue efforts. 

the power of Beacon technology

We use multiple beacons to triangulate a customer's exact location within your business. This allows for smart, hyper-targeted deployment of surveys & customized notifications based on the customer's location, especially if it may have influenced their experience.

Feedback Flow

1. Customer Data & Location Collected Via Beacon

Customer's exact location is pinpointed & the appropriate survey is dispatched.

2. Customer is Given Custom Feedback Path

Branching technology deploys custom follow-up questions based on previous answers. 

3. Customer Submits Feedback Via App

All feedback is confidential & never made public to third parties.

4. Data Engines Compute Data & Deliver Results

Cognitive Machine Learning technology provides customer sentiment analysis & actionable insights to match.