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How do my customers find out about Stealz?

There are several ways to effectively tell your customers about Stealz (see 5 Best Practices here).

The easiest & best way to make sure your customers download and use the Stealz app is by always displaying the customized in-store marketing materials that we provide (i.e. table tents, table stickers, posters, check presenters, menu inserts). Additionally, it helps to have your employees promote the app to customers – for example, saying “Want a free ______ today? All you have to do is download this free app called Stealz!”

Aside from ways your business can promote Stealz internally, customers may learn about Stealz from friends’ posts on social media or through word-of-mouth at your business, other participating locations, or events nearby.


Stealz effectively leverages your customers’ extensive social media networks by incentivizing them to share photos with their friends through our app. The photos will tag your business’s Facebook page, Twitter handle and Instagram profile, allowing your brand name to gain valuable exposure on social media.

How do customers earn points on the Stealz app?

Customers can earn points a variety of ways on every visit:

  • Play a Game = Points vary by visit (5 points max.)
  • Share a Photo = 2 points per social platform (6 points max.)
  • Leave Feedback = Points vary by business
  • Follow on Twitter = 5 points (one-time offer)

Typically, customers earn between 5 to 10 points per visit. In most cases, a business has the ability to select / opt-in for the individual earn activities their customers have access to.

What kinds of questions can I ask my customers with the “Leave Feedback” feature?

That’s completely up to you! You call the shots – you not only get to choose how many questions to ask your customers, but you choose what to ask them and how to do it. You can gather valuable customer feedback with Stealz by asking them customized multiple choice and free response questions about their visit. 

Can customers use points earned at my business for rewards at other businesses (and vice versa)?

Nope! The points that customers earn are always exclusively available at the business where they earned them. In other words, the points they earn at your business only work at your business, and the same goes for other businesses.

What kinds of regulations are in place for user activity?

Users can only earn points once per visit and can only redeem a reward if they have accumulated enough points. Additionally, all user activity is monitored around the clock by our Fraud Prevention Team, ensuring that users are only awarded points for quality photos. They are alerted of any red flags in terms of recurring point accumulations and other suspicious user activity.

Does Stealz tie into my business’s POS system?

We leave that totally up to you. We do not directly integrate with POS systems, but we do have clients who add certain keys/buttons for their Stealz rewards to add ease and increased functionality from an operational standpoint.

What do my employees need to know about Stealz?

Upon signing up, your business will receive “Staff Cheat Sheets” to place at the hostess stand / cash register to educate employees about how Stealz works. It also helps to have the employees download the app on their own phones as well and try it out themselves!

Your employees really only need to know one thing – to click “STAFF PRESS HERE” on a customer’s smartphone when they are ready to redeem a reward. The app will not allow a customer to redeem a reward unless they have enough points. Once the employee clicks “STAFF PRESS HERE,” the appropriate amount of points will be subtracted from the customer’s Stealz account. Every reward redemption will be recorded on your Stealz Dashboard.

How do Beacons work in conjunction with Stealz? Do they require maintenance?

Our iBeacons are low-energy Bluetooth transmitters that broadcast a unique signal for each business location using Stealz. When a Stealz user walks into your business, they receive a notification reminding them to check-in and share photos! This message is completely customizable for your business. The Beacon also helps us verify that customers have entered your business and once they check-in, this unlocks the ability to share a photo. In terms of maintenance, our Beacons have a minimum 28 months of battery life, and require no maintenance on your part whatsoever. Battery life is monitored in our system and Stealz will service Beacons as needed. If you have concerns that your Beacon is not functioning correctly, Stealz will happily service it.

How do I see if customers are using Stealz at my business?

Upon signing up, you are given access to what we call your “Admin Dashboard.” Here, you can view analytics about how much activity you’re getting with Stealz and what kind. This is where you can also customize any business information as it appears within the app, including your rewards. Because the photos that your customers share tag your business’s social media pages, you will also see your “mentions” significantly increase, and this provides a cool way to directly engage with your customers on social media.

Once my business is on the app, how do I get in touch with a Stealz representative if I need something?

Upon signing up, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will serve as your point of contact moving forward. You can contact them at any time via email / phone. If their contact information gets lost in the shuffle, you can always reach out to our team directly by emailing and someone would be happy to accommodate you. We’re here to help!

I haven’t signed up yet, but I want to know more. How can I get in touch with someone to discuss partnering with Stealz?

We’d love to hear from you! You can reach out to our team directly at any time by emailing and someone would be happy to chat with you, answer any questions you may have, or even schedule a live demo. We’re here to help!