turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Stealz is a dynamic tool that enables brands to centralize their customer engagement efforts in one platform. 

The Stealz mobile app encourages & enables customers to share photos of their experience on social media while frequenting your business. Each photo automatically tags/mentions your business on social and provides your brand more valuable, organic exposure. The app also serves as a platform for customers to leave confidential, detailed feedback about their visit. In return for their brand advocacy, they earn points towards exclusive rewards at your business.

Stealz collects actionable data about your customers that use the app, powered by Beacon technology & displayed in your very own, customized, web-based Dashboard.

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SOCIAL Sharing

Reach more new customers by having your best existing customers tell their friends how much they love you.


Ask your customers targeted questions to learn more about their experience & how you can tangibly improve it.



Learn more about who it is you're serving and how you can consistently keep them coming back for more. 



See why Stealz is trusted by thousands of brands as their preferred platform for all things customer engagement.