use your customers to get more reach on social

A picture is worth a thousand words. On social media, it can be worth even more in impressions. Take your existing customers, give them a reason to show their social networks why they're a fan, and watch your brand get more love on social than ever before.

More organic impressions from customers photos on social media = more new customers for your business. Not quite sold? See Stealz Social Sharing in action here:


  • Utilizing Beacon technology allows us to collect extensive customer data & build robust profiles for each user, painting a clearer picture of exactly who your brand ambassadors are.
  • Our direct integration with Facebook, Twitter & Instagram's API endpoints allow users to seamlessly share photos to their favorite platforms -- yielding a highly efficient social sharing experience for the customer.
  • Intelligent proximity-based notifications prompt & remind customers to share photos that promote your brand to their networks.
  • Intuitive fraud prevention eliminates customer & staff misuse.
  • Our data engines track & compute the estimated social reach of every customer photo shared through Stealz.


Beacons help us verify that a customer has entered your business & is ready to share a photo to earn points.