Social Sharing SDK 

The Stealz Social Sharing SDK empowers brands to leverage our cutting-edge C2C marketing technology directly through their mobile application.

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put a megaphone in the hands of your fans

They already love your brand, now give them a reason to tell their social networks why. With our SDK, you can reward customers for sharing photos with friends on social media during their visit, directly through your brand's app.

Gain access to valuable customer data and track social reach on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram in real-time. See all customer photos in an interactive gallery and easily start meaningful, convenient conversations with some of your most loyal customers.


  • Our auto-tagging technology takes the legwork out of photo-sharing. Customers can directly engage with your brand, without having to hunt down your social tags. 
  • Customers get exclusive rewards in exchange for singing your business's praises... because everything's better when it's free!  


  • Beacons enable the collection of valuable customer data, demographic information, behavioral trends & more.
  • All customer photo shares populate in real-time on your Stealz Dashboard, giving you automatic access to the best user-generated content.
  • Watch your social mentions skyrocket, along with more opportunities to respond & let your brand's personality shine!